What You Need to Know About Your Home’s Heat Pumps

heat pump

If you want a more efficient system of providing hot water to your household, air source heat pumps are the way to go. The way this machine works is that it sucks in air from outside and then takes the heat from the floating air. As it takes the heat, it compresses the air particles, which raises the temperature of the air further.

When the air particles have reached a certain temperature, the condenser coil in the machine will then transfer the heat to your home’s water supply. So, when you turn on your faucet, you’ll get warm water to wash your hands or clean your body.

Here are some more things to learn about ASHP.

It’s eco-friendly

One great reason to choose ASHP is that compared to other heating systems, this machine is very eco-friendly. That’s because the heat that it extracts from the air is renewed naturally. There are no chemicals or coals being used to warm up your water, so there is minimal carbon footprint.

On top of that, experts say that you could even power up your ASHP with solar panels. If you really want to be as environmentally conscious as you can, attach solar panels to your roof and configure them with your ASHP so that you don’t have to use electricity all the time to power your heat pumps. This way, you’ll minimise your carbon footprint even more.

Managing the noise

heat pump

The only problem with ASHP is that it can be noisy when you turn it on. According to sound experts, the average ASHP can produce noises from 40 to 50dB. The amount of noise that cities or neighbourhoods are willing to tolerate varies, but many people have complained that the ASHP can cause quite a racket.

The ASHP is loud because of its components. Heat pumps are made of four main elements: compressor, expansion valve, AC condenser, and evaporator. Most of the times when you hear your ASHP make loud noises, it’s because of the fan and the compressor.

Sometimes, the noises that heat pumps emit are caused by loose screws and other components that are not fixed properly. If a nut or bolt is a bit loose or a platform is not securely fastened, then the constant vibration of the whole machine can lead to loud noises. It might even break apart.

But, if your heat pump is just emitting a normal amount of noise, there’s really nothing you can do to silence it. Instead, you can just reduce the noise of your ASHP to a point that it’s bearable.

All you have to do is build a horizontal enclosure around it to block out the noise. It won’t eliminate all of the sounds but at least it will bring the noise to a level where your neighbours won’t complain. Another thing you can do is to make sure that the bottom part of the ASHP is covered with soundproof materials like heavy padding of nylon.

So, there you go. You really can’t eliminate the noise that an ASHP emits but at least with the tips above, you’ll be able to bring it down to a bearable level.

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