Advantages of Repairing Instead of Replacing Devices

Modern technology has given us devices to make our life more comfortable and our work more efficient. Devices like personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phones, computers, scanners, tablets, and terminals have each made contributions to our daily by making information more accessible and tasks less time-consuming.

Technological innovations

These devices are usually made to last for a couple of years when exposed to everyday wear and tear, especially items like barcode scanners at the grocers and the PDAs at hospitals. Occasionally, their use leads to a malfunction or another technical issue.

In any professional situation, the user is relying on the device to function correctly, particularly if they do not have a back-up. Broken barcode scanners, for example, result in slower purchases, which means inconvenience, less profit and the cost to rectify the problem. A damaged laptop results in lost time for the user, and added stress if they are trying to meet a deadline.

Beyond warranties

Most electrical items are covered by warranties, with options to add payments to increase the warranty period. Another option is insurance, where the item is covered if it suffers damage due to an accident. No matter the reliability of the brand, having your electronic item breakdown a short time after the coverage period has finished is a frustrating reality.  Once the warranty period is over, you may see few options other than to buy new.

However, companies specialising in repairs of these devices are readily available. Think of these electronic devices like a car, the longer it has been in service, the more familiar the user becomes with how to maximise the benefits. Yes, it may have developed problems, but they are manageable and can be fixed.

Repairing vs replacing

There are cases where these devices are very salvageable. And depending on the service technician checking the device, they might suggest having it repaired rather than replaced.

Repairing a damaged electrical device has several advantages over finding a replacement. They include:

Save money

Repairing is cheaper than finding a replacement. If spare parts are available, repairs can be made more cheaply than if the whole unit were replaced. With a PDA repair service, for example, a simple power problem caused by a loose button or a flat battery does not require the expense of a replacement. So, rather than having to buy a new phone, the button is fixed or the battery is replaced. On average, carrying out repairs saves almost half the amount of purchasing a replacement.

Save time

save time

Repairing your electronic device can save you time as well as money. Repairs often take a few hours, with many service providers offering repairs while-you-wait or at least within the day––so you can minimise downtime. Also, it takes a while to procure and get used to an updated replacement, data needs to be transferred and apps uploaded.

Repairing is cost-effective and fast. You will have your device working again in no time. Why replace when there are better solutions for you and your business?

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