Home Innovation: What Are The Things You Can Automate?

Home automation has been around for a while, but thanks to the availability of smartphones and WiFi, this technology is now affordable to the common man. Home automation allows you to control devices and appliances in your home through your smartphone.

When you think of a smart home, you usually think of home security systems. But there’s more to smart homes than just security. There are many devices you can automate. The future is here, so why not take advantage of it? You can with local smart home companies to help you jumpstart your home’s innovation.

Aquarium Control

Worried that your fish won’t be fed while you’re on vacation, or you may just forget to feed it altogether? You can now control your aquarium tank through your smartphone with an aquarium monitor. You can adjust ozone control to feeding time. Your fish will be very happy.

Irrigation Control

Another thing you may worry about if you’re away or on vacation is your beloved plants. The good news is that there is a home automation product that can take care of your plants. You can now have plants watered through sensors or an app.


If you’re the type to leave home and wonder if you’ve locked the door, you’re not the only one. You can avail of a smart lock that you can use from an app. With this technology, you can control your home’s locks and never worry about break-ins.

Plugs and Outlets

Other aspects you can control are your plugs and outlets. Forgot to turn off your television? You can turn this off via an app. This can even help you monitor how much energy you’re using, so you know what to cut down on, so you can save on future electricity bills.

Security System

Automated security systems can help you keep an eye on your house wherever you are. There is a home automation device that can inform you through text, email, or a phone call if a door has been opened or a loud noise has been detected within your property. You can also use an app to view what the system caught on video.

Smoke Detectors

Fire is one of the biggest hazards in homes. With the help of an app, you can know real-time updates on smoke or carbon dioxide levels in your home through your phone. It also syncs in if the smoke alarm goes off.


Forgetting to adjust your thermostat can be very costly for your electric bill. With a programmable smart thermostat, you can now control its settings from your smartphone. You can even preheat or pre-cool your surroundings so that you come home to a comfortable temperature.

Video Camera Doorbell

Video intercom isolated on white

Does answering doorbells give you anxious feelings? You can use a video camera doorbell so you know who’s visiting you! You can even video chat with your guests through your smartphone.

Expecting packages while you’re away? You can let the delivery guys know to leave it at your house through the doorbell camera.

The future is within our reach thanks to the advancement of technology. Creating smart homes will make your homes safer and leave you feeling at ease with your home.

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