What Communication Tools Do Different Brands Use to Boost Customer Morale?

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These days, not all businesses happen face to face. With the pandemic forcing people to limit real-life socialization, many chose to do their business online. This led businesses to put their focus more on their online efforts and find other ways to communicate with their customers. But even before the crisis, businesses have already been taking advantage of different technologies to connect, interact and communicate with consumers. Indeed, different tech innovations changed how different brands conduct business.

Businesses now use different ways to communicate with their customers. Most businesses take advantage of text messages and phone calls. A combination of online and offline communication tools makes it possible to improve communication among businesses and their target clients.

For businesses that wanted to take communication to the next level, they opted for some of the more advanced technologies, like the following.

Virtual Numbers

Making a virtual phone number purchase enables companies to make it look like they have many locations spread out in many places. Such numbers are not tied to a specific device or phone. One can access the numbers from virtually anywhere and ensure efficient communications between customers and employees at all times.

Another reason why many companies choose a virtual phone number is to access the best talents no matter where their location is. You just need to give them access to your system, and they can take in calls as they work remotely. This is how many companies were able to acquire the services of sales professionals across the country.

Email Ticketing Software

According to a study, up to 83% of consumers prefer email communication. This is why many companies now invest in email help desk software to accommodate emails coming to and from their customers. One only needs to make sure your customer service email can be easily found on your business website and every online listing you have.

With email ticketing software, businesses can convert emails received from customers into tickets. Each will be compiled and organized accordingly. This enables you to track, prioritize and ensure all customer emails are solved on time. You will no longer miss a single ticket as all emails coming from a single email will be organized in a single place.

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Live Chat Software

Some consumers prefer to communicate with businesses in real life. They want answers to their questions asap and won’t settle for anything less. This made live chats a must-have and not just a nice-to-have.

Even with the increasing popularity of chatbots, there are inquiries that only a real customer service person can answer. This is why big corporations that have chatbots will still have a real live chat agent on standby.

According to research conducted by Hubspot, consumers are after real-time response. Most consumers expect businesses to answer their questions within 10 minutes. If not, their chances of going back to do business with that brand are reduced.

Newsletter Software

Brands use newsletter software to provide greater value to their consumers. With a newsletter, you can send your target audiences the type of content they are already interested in. Businesses use this to better inform their clients, offer products and services based on the client’s browsing history, and even build loyalty and connection through exciting freebies and offers.

Sending newsletters can help businesses drive sales. When you include social media sharing buttons on your newsletter, this helps boost your following on social media. This is since social sharing buttons can boost the click-through rate by up to 158%.

Online Communities

Online communities prove to be a great way for consumers and businesses to communicate, ask questions, and provide direct answers to inquiries. This is an excellent platform that aims to help users answer field-specific issues. This is also a place where one can ask and offer product or service recommendations to other consumers.

Creating an online community allows you to connect and communicate with your customers. You will get to know their questions, struggles, and issues with your offers. You can use this as an opportunity to resolve consumer issues asap.

A strong online community can boost your customer retention and engagement while reducing support costs. You get to promote your latest products and even cross-sell your other offers. Since consumers are free to provide product feedback, you can easily have that excellent source of valid reviews that you can use to enhance current products and create more offers based on consumer needs.

When you have a branded online community, you get to attract more consumers into trusting your brand. They can find valid customer reviews and learn how you handle customer complaints. If you get many positive reviews and show professionalism when resolving customer challenges, you can improve consumer’s overall impression of your brand.

These are but some tools businesses use to better communicate with their audiences. As more technologies are made available to consumers, this boosts their morale. These can help companies serve clients better and find out real consumer challenges. Indeed, technology helped businesses improve their relationship with their customers.

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