Choosing the Right Flow Meter for an Application

Flow Meter

Flow meters are used to measure water, gasoline, chemicals, engine oils, dairy, industrial liquids, airflow, and transmission fluids. Getting the right one for a specific application is a must, as all of your money and budget would be put to waste if you choose the wrong one.

These flow meters are essential for data collection, which is important for engineers. There is a process for choosing the right industrial flow meters for water and today, we will discuss what you should remember when choosing a flow meter for your application.

Don’t Just Go for the Popular or Cheap One

You should never get a flow meter just because it is cheap or popular. Most engineers decide based on these factors and they often end up regretting their choices as most often than not, they would have to spend more money than what they originally intended to.

Chances are if the flow meter is cheap, then you have to spend a lot of money on ancillary equipment and expensive maintenance. This means that if you decide to invest in a high-quality flow meter, then you would get to save a lot of cash, as you can use this for years and years to come. Also, some or most of the most popular flow meters are not suitable for your application, so it would be best to do your research first before actually buying the flow meter.

Consider New Flow Technologies

New flow technologies offer new solutions, which is why you should consider looking at the newer ones in the market. Older models such as inline ultrasound flow meters had to be re-calibrated whenever a new type of fluid was introduced to it. This also cannot be used in an application wherein hygiene was important, which means that you would have to spend on another flow meter if this is one of your main concerns.

Flow meters are technical and is influenced by a lot of variables. Every application is unique and needs different types of flow meters to properly work.

Consider the Flow Measurement

Fluids are measured based on two units: volume and mass. Know which one you will be measuring so you can get the right type of flow meter. Yes, different flow meters are used for volume and mass. If you know how to calculate volume from mass and vice versa, then you can get just one flow meter. This would take a lot more time, though, so you would need to know the density and agreed variables.

Know What You’ll be Measuring

As mentioned, there are different categories when it comes to flow meter measurement. Before getting a flow meter, you should know what you’ll be measuring: is it gas, liquid, slurry, or vapor? A lot of flow meters cannot measure gas or slurry, which is why it is important to do your research so you would know what flow meter can measure the units that you are handling.

There are tons of variables that you would need to consider when buying a flow meter, so you should carefully decide as to not waste any time and money.


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