Five Reasons Why You Should Build an Access Control System

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Businesses are becoming concerned with security issues lately. One of the main reasons is that small businesses often lose a lot of money from workplace crime. It’s estimated that companies lose around $50 billion from workplace crime. There are many reasons why workplace crime happens in companies. Here are the most common.

Employee Misconduct

Employee misconduct is the most common reason for workplace crime. It’s estimated that employees commit around 75% of all workplace crimes. This includes things like theft, fraud, and vandalism. Often, these crimes are committed by people who are disgruntled or have a grudge against the company. Sometimes, they’re also committed by people who are struggling financially.

The following common reason is that your business is in a bad neighborhood.

Bad Neighborhood

Sometimes, the location of your business can affect the chances of workplace crime. For example, the District of Columbia, the states of New Mexico, and Louisiana have the highest rates of crime. Therefore, starting a business in a state with a high crime rate can increase the chances that your business will be a target for criminals.

You can also be at risk if your business is in a neighborhood known for crime. For example, thieves are more likely to be targeted by thieves if you have a store in a high-crime area.

Unsafe Workplace

An unsafe workplace is another common reason for workplace crime. It includes things like having dangerous chemicals or equipment around. If your workplace is unsafe, it’s more likely that someone will get hurt and decide to commit a crime.

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Insecure Premises

If your business premises are insecure, it’s more likely that criminals will target your business. This includes poor lighting, little visibility at night, and being far from the authorities. Additionally, having an exposed safe or always having money on the counter can make your business more attractive to criminals.

Poor Security

Lastly, workplace crime happens because of poor security. This includes things like not having enough security guards, not having cameras, and not having alarms. If your business doesn’t have good security, it’s more likely to be targeted by criminals. If you want workplace crime to decrease in your company, consider building an access control system.

What is an Access Control System?

An access control system is a security measure that controls who can enter and exit a building. It uses critical cards, fingerprint scanners, and ID badges to identify people.

There are many benefits to having an access control system. Here are some of them.

  • It deters crime. If potential criminals know that your business has an access control system, they’re less likely to try to break in.
  • It can also help you catch criminals. If a crime does happen, you’ll be able to use the footage from the cameras to help identify the culprit.
  • It also helps you keep track of your employees. You’ll see who’s coming in and out of the building and when they’re doing it.
  • It can help you protect your business premises. By controlling who has access to the building, you can reduce the chances of trespassers or vandals breaking in.

Here are the essentials of building one:

Digital Access Control

The first step in building an access control system is to get digital access control. This security measure uses cards or key fobs to grant people access to a building. It’s a good idea to get this system because it’s more secure than traditional locks and keys.

To get started, you’ll need to purchase a card reader and some cards or key fobs.

You can either get these from a security company or make them yourself. If you make them yourself, you’ll need to purchase a magnetic stripe encoding machine and some blank cards. Once you have these items, you’ll need to encode the cards with the information of the people who are allowed to enter the building. The average cost of a DAC is around $1,000, but it’s cheaper if you have a smaller business.

Fingerprint Scanners

Another type of security measure you can use is fingerprint scanners. These devices identify people by their fingerprints. They’re more secure than card readers because it’s harder to fake a fingerprint than to fabricate a fake card.

You’ll need to purchase a fingerprint scanner and some software to get started. You can either get these from a security company or make them yourself. Fingerprint scanners can cost around $100.

CCTV Cameras

The last type of security measure you should consider is CCTV cameras. These devices can help you deter crime and catch criminals. They can also help you keep track of your employees.

You’ll need to purchase some CCTV cameras and a DVR to start. An excellent supplement to these cameras is getting analytics. CCTV video analytics services can help you track people’s faces and even follow them if they wear a disguise. It’s a great way to catch criminals before they can do anything to your business. They do this by using AI to analyze the footage from the surveillance system.

The combination of these things can help build a robust access control system that will help keep your business safe. In addition, it can reduce crime rates within your company and help you catch criminals if a crime does occur.

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