Why Non-Profits Need More Gen Z in Their Organizations

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Most organizations have millennials and older generations as their primary audiences. This is since these generational cohorts hold such a massive buying power. But one should never ignore today’s young generation, aka the Gen Zers. They are now the youngest generation to enter the workplace, while some make up all traditional-aged college undergrads. They may have a few more years to prove themselves, but they have so much to offer, especially to non-profit organizations.

Why Some Non-Profits Take Gen Zs for Granted

Many organizations would focus on millennials and other older generations because they find it hard to acquire loyal Gen Z customers. As modern consumers and workers, Gen Zers are harder to please. They have many demands that were uncommon to other generations and numerous expectations that organizations find difficult to meet.

For one, Generation Z expects organizations to stay creative and maintain engagements, both online and offline. They expect a compelling customer experience and more sustainable initiatives. They want the opportunity to voice out their concerns and impact change in their own ways.

Gen Zs also want organizations to offer personalized customer experience. They want engagements that suit their needs and preferences. They want to be direct contributors to solutions to social issues.

Why Non-Profits Should Start Engaging with Gen Z Audience

There are numerous reasons why Gen Z should be your organization’s next target audience. For one, they are a bunch of eco-conscious and sustainable-loving population. Statistics also show that they have a higher volunteer rate and often donates to peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns compared to millennials and Baby Boomers.

Their desire to help and make a big difference is what makes them the perfect addition to non-profits. They are young, strong-willed, and like to stay up-to-date with the latest social news. Their desire to help, fresh ideas, and infectious energy will surely help non-profits thrive and achieve their goals.

Gen Zs also value recommendations. They are very much willing to leave reviews and recommend your organization to their loved ones once they see fit. They can serve as a great way to bring in referrals from their networks, who are already passionate volunteers themselves.

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How Your Non-Profit Can Start Engaging with Gen Zs

One problem organizations have with the young generation is that they tend to have a shorter attention span. This means you need to work harder to keep their attention, maintain engagement, and keep them happy and inspired. Once you know what tickles Gen Z’s interest, it will be easier to capture the young generation’s interest and attention.

If you are unsure how to do this and already got your hands full of other important matters, you can consider hiring a public relations agency. They can help you identify why you fail to attract gen Z and create the best strategies to win over their network. They can manage and measure the metrics for you so you can focus on what you do best.

If you wish to do this yourself, consider what Gen Zers wants and needs. With their short attention span, this only means you need to focus on short but concise engagements. Don’t take online marketing for granted, and make sure you integrate your marketing efforts with your offline strategies.

Gen Z also wants to digest information quickly. This means you can leverage videos, visual content, and even shorter but engaging emails to catch their attention. Create the type of content that resonates with them and can help them realize their goals.

Don’t forget about personalizing their engagement journey. Gen Zers want to be aware of everything before they trust and support an organization. This is what sets them apart from other generations.

They want to learn what causes you’re supporting, what your initiatives are, and how you plan to sustain your non-profit for many years to come. They want organizations to be transparent, tell a compelling story, and create a personalized journey designed for Gen Zs. They demand consistency when it comes to engagements and would support non-profits that can cater to both Gen Zs and other generations,

Generation Z may be digital natives, but that does not mean they are mostly on social media platforms to voice their causes. They are actually more involved in in-person events.  If you give the young generation the chance to be a part of your non-profit organization, they are likely to donate to fundraisings, attend protests, and even door-to-door canvassing.

Young as Gen Zs are, they already have a massive influence on other Gen Zs and their older loved ones. They want to make an impact, and your non-profit organization can be their perfect stepping stone for achieving their goals. The more non-profits that welcome and target Gen Zs, the easier and faster we can get more young people to stand with what we believe in.

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