Tech’s Impact on the Society: The Good and the Bad

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Each year, different types of technologies are made available in the market. These drastically change the way we live and how we solve daily challenges. But like all good things, technology will only have positive effects when used the right way. Relying too much on technology can also lead to drawbacks that can potentially kill relationships, our health, and everything in between.

How Tech Positively Impacts the Society

First, we need to acknowledge the positive impact technology has on our society. Innovations made our everyday life easier by helping us solve daily issues with less struggle. Some worthy positive effects tech has on our daily lives include the following.

Improved Mental Health

Technology made it easier to improve our self-esteem, nurture connections that are thousands of miles away, and do online research necessary for improving mental health awareness. Tracking our health, learning with the help of the internet and apps, as well as being able to find everything one might need became easier thanks to technology. It is due to these reasons that many are mentally healthy these days.

Better Access to Many Things

Technology made it easier for virtually everyone to have better access to healthcare, education, and even job and business opportunities. Nowadays, finding the right healthcare professional is as easy as a simple web search. Medical advancements are helping people live longer while helping them manage their respective medical conditions.

One can now find jobs remote and on-site jobs on the internet. Working is made easier as computers and other tools help in increasing one’s productivity and efficiency. More people also get to enjoy continuous learning without leaving the house or while pursuing another career path.

Improving business processes is also made easier thanks to today’s amazing tech. For example, online community platforms make building a sense of community easier. This means your target audiences will have the opportunity to engage with your brand and interact with other members, ultimately changing their consumer journey for the better.

Smarter, Eco-friendlier Communities

The advancements made available for regular consumers are also helping build better, smarter, and greener communities. These days, building eco-friendly and smart homes is no longer impossible. This is thanks to efficient and simply effective urban planning that integrates both age-old concepts and advances in digital tech.

Business Advancements

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Businesses nowadays are able to improve business processes with the help of tech advances. Now, starting a business online is no longer possible, along with increasing brand awareness and improving brand reputation. Marketing to consumers worldwide, hiring top talents from other places, and improving customer journeys are made possible all thanks to the many tech advancements in business.

Equal Opportunities

In a sense, technology does help in bridging socioeconomic gaps. More people get the chance to enjoy quality care and education regardless of their background. For instance, more companies are eradicating bias recruitment and promotion, giving people of color, those with disabilities, and women the chance to snag positions that only the privileged managed to have in the past.

How Tech Negatively Impacts the Society

How people choose to use technology can quickly make tech advancements the bad guy. Here are three main ways technology is causing adverse effects on society:

Mental Health Issues

As more people leverage social media and the internet in general, many of us end up feeling more insecure, anxious, and depressed. What we often see are the things we don’t have, unrealistic standards, and even taking our focus away from our important tasks. Tech overuse can quickly lead to a series of mental health problems, ultimately changing the way we live, work, and communicate.

Social Skills Issues

We now use many tools that made communicating with others as easy as ever. However, these very tools can be addicting and comforting, which is why more people opt to communicate with others even their loved ones behind their gadgets. This led to more people relying on technology alone and making them forget to develop crucial social skills needed to improve relationships at home, at work, and in other critical areas of their lives.

Fake News or Misinformation

Technology makes spreading news faster, and more effortless. This, however, is also the reason why fake news and misinformation are everywhere. This is also why more people become victims of fraud, sexual assault, and hate, to name a few.

These are but a few examples of the good and bad effects tech use and availability has on our society. Too much dependency and failure to find the right ways of using tech advancements can also have its fair share of pros and cons. In a nutshell, it all depends on how we choose to utilize tech.

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