How to Improve Your Home Security Before Your Family Vacation

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Home security is a top priority for many people, especially when they are traveling. Home invasions are becoming more common. Home robbery is an issue that many homeowners face on a regular basis. Home invasion insurance policies can be purchased to cover the cost of home repair or purchase if your home is broken into during your absence.

Homeowners can take steps to make their homes less inviting to burglars before leaving town by following these tips:

1. Remove your house number from your front door or at least make it unreadable from the street

Many homeowners make the mistake of putting their house number right by the front door where it is easily visible from the street. Burglars can drive or walk by and see which houses are unoccupied. Removing your house number or making it unreadable from the street makes it more difficult for a burglar to know which home is yours.

2. Remove your garage door opener or lock it in the glove compartment of your car

By locking the garage door opener in your vehicle, you are preventing any would-be burglars from using it to gain entry into your home, even if they do know which house is yours, by reading the address number on the front door. Home security experts recommend that you remove the batteries before leaving town to prevent any accidental “openings” when someone needs access to your home in an emergency.

3. Ask a neighbor to pick up mail and newspapers while you’re gone

If no one is around during your trip, ask a trusted neighbor whether they could stop by daily for just a few minutes each time to collect mail and newspapers from your driveway or front yard. This is a dead giveaway to burglars that you’re not home and could lead to an attempted burglary.

4. Stop your mail and newspaper delivery while you’re gone

Another way to make it appear as if you are not home is by stopping your mail and newspaper delivery while you’re away. Most newspapers will hold your paper for a week, and most postal carriers will hold mail for up to 30 days.

5. Install motion-sensor lights around the exterior of your home

Motion-sensor lights are a great way to light up the exterior of your home when someone walks within range of the sensor. Not only do they provide illumination, but they also act as a deterrent for burglars. Burglars do not want to be seen or caught in the act, so they are likely to move on to a home with no motion-sensor lights installed.

6. Trim back trees and bushes around your home

Burglars often use overgrown trees and bushes as cover while trying to access a home. By trimming back these natural barriers, you are making it more difficult for burglars to hide while attempting a break-in.

7. Keep your home locked at all times

It is always important to keep your home locked, even when you are home. Home security experts recommend using deadbolts on all exterior doors and windows. Replace your damaged door with a custom-built security screen door. You won’t need to invest in a costly security system for your door.

8. Install a security system

While not everyone can afford a home security system, some affordable options on the market can provide peace of mind while you are away. Home security systems can include motion-activated cameras, window and door sensors, and remote monitoring. Having a security system installed in your home makes it more difficult for burglars to gain entry and increases the chances of being caught in the act.

9. Create the illusion that someone is home

One way to make your home less inviting to burglars is by creating the illusion that someone is home. You can do this by leaving a few lights on in different parts of the house, using a timer to turn on radios or TVs, or by asking a neighbor to park their car in your driveway from time to time.

10. Get a home security review

If you are unsure about the safety of your home, it is always a good idea to get a home security review. Home security professionals can assess your home and make recommendations to improve your security. They can also provide tips on how to keep your family safe while you’re on vacation.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your family vacation goes off without any burglaries or other unwanted incidents. Taking a few simple precautions can go a long way in keeping your home safe while you’re away. Home security experts recommend doing an annual safety check of your home to ensure that your home is always safe and secure.

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