How Technology Helps the Dental Industry

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We are already living in the future, which means various technological advancements are now readily available for us to use. While this has provided plenty of opportunities for commerce and the economy to grow, it’s undeniable that we can also see these innovations being applied in the world’s most important industries.

One of these fields is dentistry. With the help of technology, it is becoming easier for us to take care of our teeth and find services that use top-of-the-line equipment. To further support that statement, this article will help you understand the link between technology and dentistry.

How Is Technology Used in Dentistry?

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Over the decades, the dental industry has found ways to incorporate technology in this work field, including different tools to promote painless procedures and make these operations safer. The following list is a testament to how the dental industry has grown rapidly through recent years.

Smart Toothbrush

We are currently provided with various tools and devices that are equipped with smart technology. In fact, you’re probably even using a smartphone right now while reading this article. This innovation is now being applied to toothbrushes. Smart toothbrushes are equipped with sensors that can monitor how you brush your teeth. This is often used for kids who are just starting to learn how to brush properly. These smart toothbrushes are sometimes linked to various incentives like playing games on a mobile phone when they meet the right criteria for brushing.


Another important area where technology is used in this industry is through marketing. There are now plenty of services that offer dental marketing to make sure that dentists reach a wider market and help more patients deal with their dental-related concerns. One of the most common types of this is online marketing, where a dental service is promoted in social media networks, emails, advertisements, or media traffic.

Digital Dentures

Back in the day, patients would have to take multiple visits to the dentist to assess what denture type is needed. With the availability of digital technology, it is now easier to create precise dentures for a patient that fits properly. This often requires the use of computers. Designing a denture is quicker nowadays, and patients wouldn’t have to take multiple visits to find a proper fit. In addition to this, denture manufacturing is also easier, and various materials can now ensure that the denture is tight and durable. Sometimes, dentures can even be stronger than the teeth they replaced.

Augmented Reality

You have probably heard of augmented reality before when it’s being used in different gaming applications. This innovation is also currently being used in dentistry. Through augmented reality, it is now easier for students to manipulate a digital image and practice experiments and assessments that relate to dentistry operations. This also helps professors to demonstrate various techniques by using digital dental models.


For various reasons, some people are unable to visit the dentist. People with tight schedules, disabilities, or the elderly are some types of these patients that don’t always have the luxury of consulting a dentist. However, those days are gone. Technology and the internet are now being used in the dental field through teledentistry.

Dentists can now offer their services and expertise in their profession to help patients get treatment. Teledentistry is also beneficial for people who live in rural areas where a dentist’s availability is not as common as that in the city. This helps dentists make an initial assessment and determine whether a person should come in for a visit for further evaluation and procedures.

Intra-oral Camera

One of the most discomforting stages in a dental procedure is when you have to open your mouth with a bright light right on top of your face, and this can happen for hours. Luckily for us, dentists can now use an intra-oral camera. This lessens the uncomfortable feeling that patients feel when they are undergoing a certain procedure.

An intra-oral camera is a device that has a mirror and a functioning camera connected to a computer where dentists can make an assessment just by surveying the insides of your mouth. This camera can take videos or images that aid in the evaluation of a patient’s teeth.

It is no secret that we are currently learning ways on how to improve our services with the help of technology. In the early stages, we are already provided with groundbreaking innovations that make our dental experience more pleasant. Who knows how much better would the dental industry be as we move forward?

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