Harness the Weather for Better Business

Drops of rain on a window pane, buildings in background

Extreme weather changes are happening more frequently in recent years as we experience global climate change. This affects not only our daily lives but the nation’s economy as well, as businesses – big or small – are affected in many ways.

Weather events bring unique challenges to every business. They directly impact the geography, and they even influence consumer behavior. Rather than fearing the adverse effects of extreme weather changes, you can plan for it to ensure that your business remains competitive and profitable.

Prepare Your Establishment for the Weather

Preparation is vital to avoid business interruption or slowdown. Understand the weather pattern in your area and pay attention to forecasts. Make sure that your building design and systems are ready to face the anticipated challenges, such as snowstorms or power outages. As heat waves and extreme cold are experienced throughout the country, it is essential to maintain efficient air conditioners and comfort air heaters to protect your employees and customers alike.

Understand the Impact of Ambient Temperature on Workers and Consumers

Be aware that the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recommends setting the workplace temperature between 68 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from this range being optimal for physical health, it also helps keep the workforce morale in top shape. Right thermal room conditions provide a shield against the dreary cold and even Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Interestingly, one study has shown that as high as 77 degrees, Fahrenheit is ideal for office productivity. At this temperature, employees were found to produce more work with minimal errors.

Another reason to ensure that your establishment maintains a comfortable ambient temperature is that it influences consumer behavior. The dreadful winter in the past year has had people hunkering down in their homes, reducing revenues for many businesses. Naturally, customers are more likely to explore a shop or dine in a restaurant if the air quality inside is comfortably heated against the extreme cold outdoor. Moreover, studies show that pleasantly warm temperatures elicit emotional warmth from people, which improve their perceptions of the products they were interested in and made them feel better about purchasing and spending more.

Put Protocols in Place

It is essential that you educate your employees on how to respond to challenging situations brought on by inclement weather. Prepare emergency operations and staffing plan in case it gets too bad to come in for work. Train them how to prevent and deal with possible property damages. Also, build a backup plan for your supply chain to ensure that your inventory does not suffer during bad weather.

Weatherproof Your Business

employees getting out of the building in a rainy day

There are many more ways to protect your business from the undesirable effects of extreme weather changes. You remain in control of your office management, marketing, and customer service strategies. Harness the weather conditions to create a business atmosphere that will appeal to consumers. Stay ahead of the competition by being the people’s choice when weather conditions become discouraging for sales potential. No matter what your business is, the environment you create for both your workers and customers can be more influential than your actual products.

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