Fleet Management Software: The Best Choice for Operations in the Time of COVID-19

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The NHS has placed multiple precautionary measures to help flatten the curve and prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from spreading even further. The most crucial action is to stay at home and go out only for basic necessities, medical needs and work purposes. The same can’t be said for essential services and their delivery drivers, though. It’s business as usual for these people.

Truck Drivers Are Frontliners, Too

Medical frontliners pull out all the stops to contain the virus and help people recover from COVID-19. In addition to health workers, supermarket personnel and utility workers still come in every day to make the ‘new normal’ as manageable as possible for people who must stay quarantined at home.

Supporting all of these frontliners are the truck drivers who make sure that hospitals, supermarkets and other essential businesses have the resources they need for smooth operations.

This is an especially tricky time for fleet operators who have to keep business running and protect their drivers’ health at the same time. Consider investing in an online fleet management platform as a solution. It provides maximum visibility of fleet operations during these trying times.

Software Makes Way for Smoother Fleet Operations

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Although you still have to remain hands-on with your fleet business, it might be best for everyone’s health and safety to cut down on unnecessary meetings and days at the facility. This won’t be such a difficult adjustment if you have online fleet management software that consolidates your data.

An online platform streamlines fixed costs and variable expenses, minimises administrative tasks and ensures compliance with industry guidelines. It tackles inefficiencies at the workplace and, at the same time, lets you manage everything anywhere you have an internet connection.

Here’s what an online platform lets you manage from a mobile or computer screen:

  • Drivers and Clients: Keep track of your drivers and their daily deliveries.
  • Vehicles and Equipment: Keep close watch of all vehicles and equipment in your fleet.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Be reminded of when your vehicles require maintenance.
  • Inspections and Audits: Use data to reduce downtime and improve productivity.
  • Fuel and Emissions: Cut down on fuel costs and environmental toll by reviewing operations.
  • Accidents and Risks: Minimise accidents and safety risks by recording all related data.
  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance: Make sure you remain compliant with all regulations.
  • Budget and Forecasting: Easily analyse your existing budget and future costs.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Create efficient billing methodologies and payment collection.

Fleet and workforce management becomes easier when you have a platform that gives you a financial overview of your business, and online supervision of your drivers and technicians. It simplifies your processes, streamlines your data and minimises the number of people needed onsite daily.

It’s designed to make your work simpler and, in the time of COVID-19, safer. Your drivers still need to report every day to make sure hospitals get their medical supplies and supermarkets are well-stocked. However, you can make it safer for them by limiting the number of people they have to interact with.

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